King of the pins (and steaks) at King Pin Crown

Firstly, I need to add a big disclaimer to my hugely misleading blog title. I was NOT the king of the pins on the evening I visited Crown’s newest hotspot, the awesomely refurbished Kingpin Crown. In fact, I probably couldn’t have bowled more dismally than I did. I just couldn’t get that whole aiming thing down and my boyfriend kicked my ass without even trying! What I did do well, however, was smash some food including a perfectly cooked 300 gram grass fed steak!

Re-opening last month with a modern, architecturally designed space and a 75 seater restaurant called ‘The Hub’, Kingpin offers dinner and drinks with options to have some fun with friends going bowling afterwards. The versatility of the dining/bar/entertainment space makes it the perfect spot for a teenage birthday party, a night with the lads or a family function where you won’t get bored of each other.

The dining space is beautiful and it definitely doesn’t feel like dining in a sports and entertainment precinct. The Hub is tastefully decorated with  a splash of fun in some creatively hung bowling pins from the roof.

The menu boasts American style foods such as nachos, wings, burgers and a range of meat options like steak or beef brisket. Just like a lot of the Crown precinct, some of the dishes may be a little out of budget for some families or travellers. Luckily, an inexpensive range of burgers and share foods are more achievable for those with less expendable income. Or those saving themselves for a flutter on the tables after dinner!

We enjoyed wings and fried chicken, followed up by the beefier options on the menu with the slow cooked beef brisket and the 300 gram grass fed steak, accompanied by coleslaw and corn cobs.

We jumped straight onto the S’More icecream sandwich expecting charred, melty marshmellows in a soft cookie with icecream. Whilst it looked incredible, but was not as we expected, with the cookie a little bit too crunchy and the marshmellows lacking the burnt flair we were hoping for. Kids would adore this, but dessert loving adults would probably expect something more. If I was to order over, I would probably steer towards some of the other desserts on offering such as Pecan Pie, or a tequila chocolate dessert.

Bowling wise, expect a cool modern space where you can enjoy cocktails whilst you play. If you are as bad of a bowler as I am, you might need a few drinks to repair your pride afterwards!

Have a delicious day,
Foodie Melbourne

Please note: Foodie Melbourne experienced Kingpin as a guest of Kingpin Melbourne, but all opinions are genuine.

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