Trying the Hellenic Palate at Bahari, Richmond 

This week I finally got around to trying Bahari in Richmond. It’s been on my radar for a while from seeing posts on Instagram, and also because one of the owner and chefs is Philip Vakos of Masterchef season 2 fame, and as much as I try to hide it, I am still a massive Masterchef geek!

Bahari is a lovely little restaurant on Swan St, Richmond, and it has a homely feel from the minute you step into it. I haven’t yet visited Greece (heading there in a couple of months) but for me Bahari had the same feel as some of the restaurants I have visited in Europe. The hospitality is welcoming and makes you feel as though you are being welcomed into someone’s home. The brick floors and white walls give it a European feel, and the menu is simple and unassuming but delicious. There is no foodie jargon on the menu, the description of the food are simple but it is traditional Greek food done well, or ‘Gringlish’ as they market themselves.

We worked our way through some of the small plates to share, and found that there was no way we could fit any more food in!

We started with the eggplant dip, which was a huge serve of delicious dip with warm pieces of pita bread.

Next, we had the prawns kataifi, tender prawns wrapped in crispy, crunchy kataifi pastry. Messy to eat but delicious, and good to look at too.

My favourite dish was the chargrilled octopus. It was exactly the way octopus should be, tender and melt in your mouth, and the smoky flavour gave it a beautiful seasoning! I would definitely head back just to eat more of this!

And of course, as a cheese fiend, there was no going past the saganaki cheese. Whoever thought to fry cheese was an absolute genius, right? I could eat stuff like this all day, clogged arteries or not.

All this food, and we didn’t actually get onto the large plates to try some of the slow roasted lamb shoulder, or pulled pork. I guess I will have to go back again to blog about the mains… It is a hard life for a foodie!

Overall, Bahari was a gorgeous dining experience. It’s a humble little restaurant with a homely vibe and genuinely friendly service by people who love what they do. The food is excellent value for money, and in this harsh winter, may actually transport you just for a second to Greece!

Have a delicious day,

Foodie Melbourne.

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