Finding my Second Home in Eltham

I was in Italy when I read an article on Broadsheet to say that Jason M Jones (of Stables of Como and Entrecote fame) had opened a cafe in my little town, Eltham. I rejoiced… and then got very jealous that my local friends may be trying this new kid in town before me.

Eltham is screaming out for somewhere new to go. We are a bustling, leafy, little suburb with a growing population of younger professionals who really like to brunch, and it is refreshing to see that some new food spots and bars have been popping up in our area to give us somewhere to go without inevitably making the trek into the inner suburbs for a decent feed. Although there are many cafes in Eltham, in my opinion, quality is sometimes lacking. My go-to favourites are and have been for a good year now, Little Drop of Poison and Cafe Zen Den. But there are only so many times you can go back to the same place without feeling like you have exhausted the menu. So, hearing that Jones had opened a new, innovative cafe with some gorgeous brunch options excited me immensely and naturally, pretty much the minute I landed in Eltham I visited my new ‘Second Home’.

I have always loved this beautiful Alistair Knox industrial building, and visited it several times for a cup of tea when it was The Light Factory Gallery and Cafe. Second Home has done a fabulous job of taking the building and making it home, and the airy, light filled space is a beautiful place to dine in.

What I already love most about Second Home is that it has both delightfully healthy options and deliciously naughty ones. I love that I can have a freshly squeezed orange juice and a Breakfast Super Salad, and then head home with a cheeky Cronut. I love that I can pop in and have a decadently Cheesy toast with three cheeses, or just pop in and grab a Super Smoothie on the way home from gym. For someone like me who can be a green smoothie loving gym junkie one day, and would be willing to go to the end of the earth for one cronut the next day, this is exactly the kind of local cafe you need.

So my bestie and I went to give Second Home a go the weekend I returned from my travels, and I was so impressed with the ‘Obligatory Smashed Avocado’. Although it has a cheeky name, it wasn’t your standard smashed av, as it was jazzed up big time with Yarra Valley persian feta, Vegemite Salt, mint and a poachie. Seriously, give me anything that manages to mix avocado, feta and Vegemite, and I will order it. My friend got the ‘Our Benedict’ and was impressed with that also.


On our way out, I was going to visit my friend who had given birth to a beautiful baby boy while I was on holiday and noticed the fresh flowers they were selling on the way out. I considered getting some for her, and then thought, ‘What does a new Mum really, really want?’ and saw some very attractive looking Cronuts in the dessert cabinet and knew they would impress much more then flowers. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing how much petrol I would save now that I can drive up the road for a cronut fix instead of travelling into Fitzroy every second weekend just for the hit.

Since then I stopped into Second Home again on my way home from gym to try one of their smoothies. I loved the ‘K-Hole’, with kale, spinach, vanilla protein, Granny Apple, Coconut Milk, Dates and coconut flakes but at just under $10 a pop I don’t know if I could afford to do that regularly despite the convenience and the yum factor.

I have definitely found my new local spot for brunch when I can’t be bothered exploring the inner suburbs, and I encourage Eltham locals to give this new place a go, especially if you like something a little bit more interesting in your brunch than the standard Big Breakfast. Just don’t take my place in line, okay?!

Have a delicious day,

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  1. It’s such a great spot for Eltham – fits beautifully but it’s something a bit different and very much needed to stop locals leaving for inner suburbian pastures – I loved it too! Your avo toast is making me think I need to go back soon though!

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