Dexter Melbourne, so nice to meat you!

I’ve had my eye on Dexter for a while. Like my favourite television serial killer of the same name, who used to stalk his victims to make sure they were suitable for the kill, I have been watching Dexter develop on Instagram for a while and plotting when I will visit this new trendy bar and eatery on one of my favourite streets in Melbourne, High St.


American Barbecue is just so hot right now in Melbourne and we are spoilt for choice. Dexter describes their style as ‘non-traditional’ American BBQ, and there are some really interesting menu items you won’t find at the other popular meaty places in Melbourne.

Then, the clincher. Meat. Donuts.

My friend who lives right up the road made it to the X marking the spot before I did. She is not much of a carnivore, usually choosing the vegetarian option, but had been given some meat donuts as an appetizer after having to line up for a table and was an absolute convert. So they were very quickly placed on my more immediate must try list, and I ventured there last week to finally meat and make friends with the new kid in Northcote.

Dexter is a sleek, casual bar and eatery that is beautifully designed and has a cool and calm vibe. The restaurant itself is quite open and light filled, and would be a great place to meet for a date, dinner with friends or casual drinks.

And the food. Oh, the food. The donuts did not disappoint. Forget jam, these babies are dough balls filled with soft slow cooked beef brisket and rolled in paprika salt. All you weirdo’s out there that I hear say, “I don’t really like sweets”… THIS is the donut for you!

As much as I could have demolished a good plateful of these bad boys, I was saving room to be a massive big and tackle the Caramel Short Rib served with mash, pickles and a whipped bone marrow trencher (pretty much garlic bread smothered in bone marrow butter, oh gosh). I am not usually much of a rib girl because of the messiness of eating them, but I was assured by the waitress these were already cut off the bone for me! The combo of the sweet, sticky slow cooked beef with the crunchy pickles and creamy mash was incredible. At $26, not the cheapest dish you can go for there (the burgers looked amazing and much more affordable) but this dish was HUGE and I ended up letting my friend share it as there was more than enough sticky, ribby goodness to share.

Dexter ticks all the boxes. It is the perfect balance between a casual American eatery and the hip, atmospheric bar you expect from High St. It is the kind of place you would feel completely comfortable sipping on a fancy cocktail at the same time as getting your hands dirty trying one of the many meaty options available… and don’t worry vegetarians, there are a few options for you too.

The kind of place I would happily go back to, and fully intend to… get the donut’s ready Dex!

Have a delicious weekend,

Foodie Melbourne
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  1. OMG that rib and mash potato stack looks AMAZING! I’m so ashamed I still haven’t been here when it’s so close to home!

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