Finding The Foreigner in a not so foreign place, Ivanhoe

Every now and then even a well-researched, Instagram and Zomato addicted foodie like myself stumbles upon a hidden gem right on their doorstep (or, lets be realistic, a few suburbs doorsteps over).

After a gorgeous morning at the local farmers market with my adorable Cavoodle Ollie and a gal pal, we decided to head for a good old fashioned Sunday brunch. I was recovering from a hens party that had escalated quite quickly the night before (all you can drink is not the greatest idea for a gaggle of over-excited women) and the sun was shining- I needed a hangover brunch and some much needed vitamin D.

Being the somewhat food snob that I can be, and wanting to try somewhere out of Eltham after absolutely smashing Second Home the last few weeks, I wondered how much chance I would have of talking my friend into dragging both her and my dog into the inner suburbs so we could have a proper brunch. I realized my chances were pretty slim, so jumped onto Zomato and found that there was a cafe that had an excellent rating and some very gourmet sounding breakfast options in Ivanhoe.

The Foreigner is a little hole in the wall, hidden from the main hub of Ivanhoe shops down a side street. If it wasn’t for the gorgeous little rustic tables and chairs in front, you could almost drive past and miss it. The interior is beautifully decorated, a light filled spaced with wooden panelling in natural tones, but we decided to make the most of the sunshine and of course we had Ollie, so settled outside.

Ollie shamelessly flirted with the waitstaff and every man, woman or child that wandered past while I pondered the menu. Regular readers will know how fussy I can be with brunch- if I am out for breakfast, I need to be eating something I can’t make at home, and my regular weekday breakfasts can be pretty adventurous!

‘The Foreigner’ breakfast, which I noticed isn’t on the current menu listed online, was everything I need a breakfast to be; exotic, flavour-filled, not too heavy and not too light. Poached eggs served on a bed of crispy, crumbed eggplant, labne, and topped with crispy garlic and mint cooked in chilli oil, accompanied by crispy herbed bread. It was like my tastebuds could take a trip somewhere a little more exotic or ‘foreign’, while I was in a suburb that is not foreign to me at all.

The wait-staff were helpful, friendly and happy to shamelessly flirt with my dog which is always a huge plus in my eyes. I definitely recommend a visit to this humble little cafe, hidden away in Ivanhoe’s back streets.

Have a delicious week,

Foodie Melbourne

The Foreigner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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