Fancy fish and chippies at Tommy Ruff’s Fish Bar, Elsternwick

I have such fond memories of fish and chips. We are one of those families that religiously (in the non-traditional sense of the word, because we aren’t religious at all) have fish and chips on Good Friday. Of course, we would have fish and chips other times of the year but Good Friday, the beginning of the long weekend, we would all gather together and that was our special night- greasy hands, sore tummies but fantastic company.

Our family gathering fish and chip tradition bit by bit began to wane once my Nan and Grandpa, ten years apart, started spending Good Friday at that big fish and chip shop in the sky. But it seems wherever we were individually, without a doubt and without any religious conviction whatsoever we will hunt down an F&C feast on Good Friday no matter where I am in the world (and seeing as I have been overseas  for Easter the last two years, I have friends that can attest to being dragged around looking for them- sorry girls!)

Nowadays, I probably only have fish and chips on Good Friday, for two reasons. A) My body doesn’t really cope so well with all that grease anymore, and B) I’m a bit more of a food snob now and bit by bit that fried up piece of fish and soggy chips became a risk I would no longer take.

Cue Tommy Ruff’s Fish Bar in Elsternwick and Mordialloc, where this old meal has been made trendy for me again.

Tommy Ruff’s is fancy fish and cbips. Tommy Ruff’s is fish and chips for the foodies. And for families. And health freaks. And Sunday session-ers.

The versatile space is colourful, bright and inviting. It is ‘cool enough’ that I would go there for a few drinks and a feed with friends on a summer evening, particularly with its large outdoor area, but also casual enough that a family would feel comfortable there.

Food-wise, Tommy Ruff’s menu goes all the way from the humble potato cake to a seafood curry to grilled seafood skewers to fish tacos to super salad. It is a fish and chips menu that covers all the seafood bases possible, so that your die-hard traditional fish and chip fans are kept content and those who prefer their fish with a side of fancy or healthy can also happily enjoy a meal. We were well looked after by the super friendly staff there who genuinely seemed to love where they work. Whoever was in charge of the tunes was also making me happy, as I grooved away to some very cool 90’s hits over lunch.

Seafood feast fit for a foodie and friends
Amazing grilled scallop skewers- check out the size of those babies!
Panko crumbed fish burger on brioche- absolutely delightful.
Prawn taco
Sweet potato fries, garden salad, super salad, salt and pepper calamari and prawn tacos.
Who doesn’t love prawn tacos?
Salt and pepper calamari, sweet potato fries, garden salad

So for those of you who like your fish fresh and your venue trendy, this is worth a try. Cost-wise and food-wise, Tommy Ruff’s seems to cater for all kinds of seafood lovers.

I hope you have had a delicious week,

Foodie Melbourne

Please note: Foodie Melbourne dined as a guest at Tommy Ruff’s, but all opinions are genuine.
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