Brunch for everyone at LBSS, Abbotsford

As soon as I saw the menu at Little Big Sugar Salt in Abbotsford, I knew exactly which friend would be accompanying me to review this cafe. One of my very dear friends suffers from both Coealiacs, and is intolerant to lactose and fructose. I sent her a link to the menu with an excited, “Can you eat here?!!” to which she excitedly replied that she could. Finally!
LBSS is located on busy Victoria Street, Abbotsford, and is easy to miss. Still with the signage from whatever Asian restaurant used to occupy the space, and with a teeny tiny sign, you have to really search for the cafe. But judging by how busy it is on a Saturday morning, many others have made the effort to find this little gem.

I love the layout- it’s like a big, cosy house full of hallways and tables hidden in little corners and rooms. Little touches like a menu that looks like a newspaper and native flowers on the tables adds to the homeliness and quirkiness of the venue.

We started with some smoothies- a great side to breakfast. My green one was really enjoyable and nourishing.

Choosing from the menu sent me into a state of turmoil- did I go for the healthy green breakfast… Or the complete opposite, a big fat Croque Madame? In the end my willpower was defeated and I went for the Croque (it was Saturday after all, and I am a food blogger, so like I need an excuse!) Such a good decision. It was one of the best I have had- with egg, braised ham hock, leek bechamel, Swiss cheese and pickle, it was a flavour explosion. I particularly loved the leek flavour through the bechamel sauce, and the crunchy pickles gave the sandwich a great texture.

My fodmapper friend was able to order the pumpkin spice pancakes with granola, banana, maple and coconut yogurt without making any changes to the dish- something she is not normally able to do. The pancakes were dense and flavoursome, and gorgeously presented.

I loved the balance at LBSS- the fact that I could have a cheeky Croque Madame accompanied by great coffee and a green smoothie, whilst my allergy ridden friend could also have a really healthy meal that she thoroughly enjoyed makes it a great place for both hardcore brunchers, health freaks and fussy eaters alike. Something for everyone, served with a smile and hopefully, only a short line at the door!

Please note: Foodie Melbourne dined as a guest of LBSS but all opinions are genuine.

Have a delicious day!

Foodie Melbourne
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