Milk for the new generation with Anchor Milk

Please note: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are genuine. Some photography featured is by Anchor Milk’s professional photographer… but Foodie Melbourne does feature in a few of them! 

When I was invited to Milk The Cow last Tuesday night to experience ‘Anchor Milk taking flight’ with Daniel Wilson and Christian McCabe, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean, isn’t milk just milk? What was so special about Anchor Milk? And despite how talented they are as chefs, how were these two going to make a meal entirely focused around milk?

What I discovered last Tuesday however, had me pleasantly surprised. Set in a gorgeous venue, an intimate group of foodies and media representatives were introduced to Anchor Milk in a decadent four course meal matched not with wine, but with milk.


I’ve had a love/hate relationship with milk this past few years. I’ve done the soy thing, the almond thing, the skinny milk thing… but only recently have I decided I would rather whole milk, with all its good fats and nourishment, than choose a lower calorie, more processed version. For this reason, Anchor Milk came along at just the right time for me!

Hey Foodie Melbourne… Why so serious?!

What is different about Anchor Milk? A new milk launched in Victoria in February, Anchor is Australia’s very first milk made with a ceramic microfiltration technology that removes up to 95% of unwelcome bacteria, leaving a fresher, sharper tasting milk that lasts longer. But don’t worry, all the goodness of fresh milk is left in, leaving the milk with a unique, refreshing taste. It reunites our palate with the pure taste of milk we learn to love at childhood. Anchor Milk is sourced from Victorian dairy farms and is available at Woolworths. We have already replaced our regular milk with Anchor, and we are loving the longer freshness.

We began our milk flight with an oyster, jalapeno croquette and milk bottle candy jelly. This was paired with Anchor milk in its simplest form- one glass heated, and one glass ice cold. We were able to see how the the taste of milk changes from hot to cold, and the different levels of sweetness and spiciness that are revealed with the different temperatures.


Our next course was gorgeous soft, creamy ricotta cheese made with Anchor Milk, served with heirloom tomatoes. This dish celebrated dairy and tomatoes in their most basic, beautiful form, and showed you don’t need to fluff around to create a lovely dish. I wasn’t 100% sold on the very interesting milk pairing- milk infused with bonito and shitake mushrooms… a bit too weird for me!


The crispy kale with cashew hummus was also divine, and something I will try making at home! Such simple, healthy flavours served with a simple glass of chilled milk that cut through the slight spiciness of the hummus.
Our final savoury course was my favourite- milk roasted pork belly served with cauliflower puree. Perfectly crispy crackling and melt in your mouth pork, Daniel Wilson got this one spot on. This was also served with my favourite milk infusion- a spicy concoction by Christian McCabe of turmeric, cinnamon and other spices that tasted a lot like the turmeric tea I love to drink at home.

Our dessert course transported us back to our childhood whilst also acknowledging that we are adults now and can have a little tipple of alcohol with our dinner- vodka spiked Anchor Milk with a chewy, crispy chocolate chip cookie. The perfect ending to a very interesting evening.

Would I match all my meals with milk? Perhaps not… I do love a good glass of wine… BUT, this dinner did renew an interest in milk for  me and the way it can be used in both an everyday and a culinary sense.


Next time you are at Woolies, why not give Anchor Milk a try… you too may find it lasts longer and tastes fresher than the milk you are already drinking, plus you are supporting Victorian Dairy Farmers.

Thank you to Keep Left PR, Milk The Cow, Daniel Wilson and Christian McCabe for a wonderful, milky evening.

Have a delicious day!

Foodie Melbourne
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