Spicing things up at Red Spice Road, CBD

Last week we escaped the cold night and ducked into the iconic and original Red Spice Road in McKillop St to try their new menu.

A long time favourite in Melbourne for Asian fusion cuisine, Red Spice Road celebrates the spirit of Asian family food in a sophisticated way. The trendy communal dining space showcases the sense of community prevalent in Asian cultures, and share style food further emphasises this.

Die hard Red Spice Road fans will rejoice when they hear that the famous Pork Belly dish still graces the menu, along with some great new dishes to try. Featuring a variety of dishes that vary from light, eat with your hands, street food to heavier curry dishes, it would be difficult to walk away from Red Spice Road hungry!

We tried the Tasting Banquet menu. The starters were a real highlight. Soft steamed bao filled with roast pork, hoisin, pickles and mustard had the tastebuds excited, as did melt in your mouth Lamb Ribs with sweet and sour sauce.

Our next course comprised of a large plate of fried soft shell crab with crispy garlic, dried chilli and green onion, which I would have found harder to handle if the fried dish wasn’t so well paired with a zesty Green papaya salad with cherry tomato, tamarind, green chilli and peanuts. For me personally, that much soft shell crab when not encased in a burger or bao is a little too much but a crab lover would find this dish very generous.

The large plates comprised of two heavier dishes; a gorgeous Chiang Mai chicken curry with coconut, crispy noodles, cucumber and coriander and a Malaysian Duck Curry with tomato and curry leaves. The dry curry was perfectly complimented by some coconut rice, whilst the Chiang Mai curry took me straight back to Chiang Mai with the crunchiness of the crispy noodles on top. Both dishes were balanced and fragrant with just enough spice, the perfect comfort food on a cold night in Melbourne.

Dessert was another absolute highlight, a fantastic fusion of French and Asian cuisine with a Matcha Brulee with roasted White Chocolate and Caramalised Nashi Pear. Unlike other Matcha desserts I have had, the matcha wasn’t overpowering and added just a subtle flavouring to the sweet dish. We almost could have gone another one of these, but chose to do the right thing and not abuse the dessert belly!

With a new menu rocking many new hits, Red Spice Road looks set to maintain its status as go to for sophisticated Asian cuisine in the CBD (especially an option you can easily make a booking for!)

Have a delicious day,
Foodie Melbourne

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